Qus:    What is the difference between an object-oriented programming language and object-based programming language?
Feb 12, 2021 11:04 1 Answers Views: 427 RANJIT
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SANJAY Feb 13, 2021 08:51
Answer:   There are the following basic differences between the object-oriented language and object-based language.
o Object-oriented languages follow all the concepts of OOPs whereas, the object-based language doesn't follow all the concepts of OOPs like inheritance and polymorphism.
o Object-oriented languages do not have the inbuilt objects whereas Object-based languages have the inbuilt objects, for example, JavaScript has window object.
o Examples of object-oriented programming are Java, C#, Smalltalk, etc. whereas the examples of object-based languages are JavaScript, VBScript, etc.

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